Ground School Lectures

Before training commences students will be given a Pilot Starter kit which consists of: 6 Avex PPL Books, Air Law book, Radio handbook, Trevor Thom Vol 1 book, Aircraft Checklist, E6b computer, Protractor, Nav ruler, Logbook, JHB AeroMap, Pilot Bag, JSF golfshirt & FlightCom V30SP Headset


The 8 subjects are covered at Ground School Lectures and take place during weekends for your convenience.

Ground School Lectures are highly recommended since they enable students to get the best out of their training and advance at an accelerated rate in the long run. In addition, it is essential to apply the theory taught in these lectures with the practical flight training.

The subjects are: Principles of Flight, Meteorology, Aircraft Technical and General, Human Performance and Limitations, Flight Planning & Performance, Navigation, Air law and Radio telephony.


Ground School Lectures Ground School Lectures

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