Night Rating

Night Rating Night Rating


This qualification has the same privileges as a PPL with the added ability to fly during night times in reduced visibility. You will learn to utilize and rely on the instruments in the aircraft without being restricted when planning and executing a flight.


Requirements for Night Rating (NR)


You must hold a valid Private Pilot License.


You will need to complete 10 hrs Dual Instrument Flying. At least 5 take-offs and landings must be done by night and a night cross-country flight of at least 150nm with 2 full stop landings at 2 separate airfields away from base must be done.


Successfully pass an online examination.


Pass a practical night/IF flight test with a Grade II Instructor.


Once all requirements are met, all documentation is sent to the CAA and a fee must be paid in order to include the night rating in your PPL License.


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