Johannesburg School of Flying is one of the oldest flight training academies in South Africa and the biggest in Gauteng, situated at Rand Airport - Johannesburg. We have been training World Class pilots since 1981 from all around the globe with over 3,500 graduates to date.

Whether you wish to fly for pleasure, or pursue a career in aviation, our dedicated full-time Flight Instructors and Staff will provide step by step support and guidance through every step of your training. We have an excellent safety record and are proud of our longstanding quality of training throughout the decades.

Our academy is approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA/1033) which is ICAO compliant. Training courses offered are: (Fixed Wing) Private Pilot License, Night rating, Commercial Pilot License, ATPL, Instrument Rating, Instructor Rating, Multi Engine Rating, Simulator training, Ground School Lectures, Radio License courses, English Language Proficiency Tests, Aircraft Hiring, Foreign License Validations, Conversions and Renewals. We are open 7 days a week from 8:00 to 18:00, training is available from sunrise to late evening.

Our Fleet of 15 aircraft are in outstanding condition and consist of  Cessna  C152,  C172,  C172RG,  as well as Pipers  PA28-161,  PA28-181,  PA28R-200 and a Multi Engine aircraft PA34-200T Seneca II , which are among the most popular and ideal aircraft for pilot training worldwide. The fleet has been upgraded with new Garmin radios, PMA audio panels and G5 / AV30 digital Instrumentation to provide safe, reliable and up to date training.

JSF has a multitude of diverse students from all over the globe, many of whom come from the UK, Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Egypt, India, Malaysia, China, South Korea, Zambia, D.R. Congo, Tanzania, Mozambique, Botswana, Mauritius, Seychelles, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, UAE, Iran, Pakistan, to mention a few and of course South Africa.

Facilities at the academy include: a fully equipped lecture theatre, 5 flight briefing rooms, free exam preparation available in the student study lounge, 4 flight planning stations, Exam Testing Centre with 5 exam stations, in house Aviation medical Doctor offices, a kitchen lounge, outside recreational area, private parking and 2 hangers for our fleet.

Why train at Rand Airport

Rand airport is in close proximity to the General Flying Area and other major airports giving the student more flying time per lesson and as a result training being done more efficiently. It has four different runway directions to accommodate any wind conditions and access to navigational facilities. It is a manned airport with air traffic control in a controlled airspace, allowing for radio and other procedures being practiced properly. In addition, it is less congested with no time delays unlike other busy airports. Great weather conditions all year round in a friendly atmosphere and clear spectator viewing for family and friends from the Airport restaurant cafe.

How do I get started?

Book your introductory flight! An Intro-Flight is usually half an hour where the instructor will explain the basics of flying and let you take control of the aircraft to experience first-hand what fixed wing aircraft flying is all about. This half hour flight can be added in your personal Pilot’s logbook should you decide to go ahead with your PPL training.

If you have a PPL / CPL, or done partial training thereof, we will do an individual evaluation and set up a training plan on what is required to complete your license or advise you on your next step of training.

Upon acceptance and registration, a Pilot Starter Kit will be given, and you will be assigned a Flight Instructor to guide you through your training. Before training can commence a medical examination will be booked for you in order to determine if you are physically fit for flying. Pilots can wear glasses or contact lenses to correct vision.

Our Graduates Fly For