Ground School & Computer Based Training

Before training commences students will be given a PPL Pilot Starter kit which consists of:

6 Avex PPL Books, Air Law book, Radio handbook, Aircraft Checklist, E6b computer, Protractor, Nav ruler, Fuel Tester, Logbook, JHB Map, Pilot Flight Bag, JSF Golf shirt & Pilot Headset.

PPL Ground School Lectures take place during weekends for your convenience. These lectures are highly recommended since they enable students to get the best out of their training and advance at an accelerated rate. In addition, it is essential to apply the theory taught in these lectures with their practical flight training.

Once students complete their PPL and NR they are given access to our online CPL Computer Based Training platform for all 10 subjects which includes: quizzes after each chapter, mock exams with a large database of questions and 10 online Ground School sessions. This is an all-in-one self-study solution with interactive animations and videos to improve learning and understanding concepts through visualisation.

There is no need to spend more money on other online exam question databases, our CBT has you covered.

Theoretical Exams

As soon as you are issued a Student Pilot License you can start writing your PPL exams at our Exam Testing Centre. These are in multiple choice format with a pass mark of 75%. Free exam preparation can be done in our Study Lounge facility which is accessible to all students 7 days a week.

CPL and ATPL exams are written at the SACAA exam centre in Midrand.

PPL 8 subjects are: Aircraft General, Principles of Flight, Meteorology, Flight Performance & Planning, Navigation, Human Performance, Air law and Restricted Radiotelephony exam.

CPL 10 subjects are: Meteorology, Flight Performance & Planning, Navigation, Radio Aids & Communication, Instruments & Electronics, Aircraft Technical & General, Human Performance & Limitations, Air law, General Radiotelephony exam and Instrument Rating exam.