Instructor Rating

Graduates that have completed their CPL will normally choose to do an Instructors Rating to gain experience and increase their marketability as a professional pilot. This rating will allow you to work as a Grade III Flight Instructor and build hours simultaneously. The aim of the instructor rating course is to teach the techniques and methods used to provide competent ground and flight Instruction to new ab-initio students training towards their PPL. This involves undergoing individual skills testing, evaluation, and preparatio

Requirements for Instructor Rating 

  1. You must hold a valid Commercial Pilot License or Airline Transport Pilot License.
  2. Complete 20 hours of Flight Instructor Patter (Learning to teach on the right side of the cockpit while providing feedback to the student)
  3. Pass 2 theoretical online examinations.
  4. Do 60 hours of ground and air instruction Briefings, homework, preparation, and compile your own personal Instructor file.
  5. Pass a combined theoretical and practical flight test with a CAA approved Designated Flight Examiner.
  6. Once you have achieved competency and passed all practical and theoretical requirements, your training documentation will be checked and sent to the CAA.
    A fee must be paid to include the Instructor rating on your CPL License.