Designed and built to meet the SACAA FSTD-A FNPT II MCC technical requirements. These are based on the European JAR STD3A requirements.
Being type specific to the Piper Seneca III the simulator is built into a composite cockpit moulded from an original Piper Seneca fuselage.
This flight model is used to represent the multi engine piston and turbocharged piston class aircraft.

Other Simulator Features

  • Digital Avionics Stack
  • Autopilot with electric pitch trim
  • HSI and ADI
  • Radar Altimeter
  • Annunciator Panel
  • Illuminated System Switches
  • Hydraulic Toe Brakes
  • Dynamic Control Loading
  • 3-way Aviation Intercom
  • Optional Plug and Play Glass Cockpit Panel
  • Choice of 140° or 240° Direct Projection Flat or Cylindrical Visual System
  • Automated QTG System
  • 2 LCD screen Instructor Station
  • 5 Fully functional and remotely trippable Circuit Breakers
  • Touchscreen controlled system failures

Two additional type specific flight models are included to cater for:

Piper Arrow: The complex piston single engine class
Piper Warrior: Fixed pitch, fixed gear piston single engine class
Other flight models are available on request.
No physical cockpit reconfiguration is required to switch between flight models. At the touch of a button the flight model is changed, complete with re-configured type specific instruments on the instrument panel.